RTI is an Australian based company specialising in on-line elemental and moisture analysis of bulk materials providing operators with process data to make pro-active real-time control decisions to improve plant efficiency and bottom-line profitability.

RTI’s customers range from small food processing facilities to large multinational mining and power generation companies on all continents.

With a vast global network of reputable business partners on all continents, we can provide customers with unmatched service and sales support ranging from on-site technical services to remote diagnostic and calibration expertise.

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The customer is a major nickel ore producer and refiner in Northern America. Ore from a range of mines is sent to one of a number of mills where it is ground to a fine powder and passed through a froth floatation circuit to produce a wet nickel concentrate. The concentrate is then piped from the various mills to the centralised smelter complex. The nickel concentrate is dewatered and filtered using batteries of rotary disc filters to produce a fine concentrate with moisture between 8% and 10% moisture. This concentrate is then balled and roasted to produce an enriched nickel matte. The nickel matte is then sent to the refinery to produce a high‐purity nickel product.