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On-line Analysis


RTI is an Australian based company specialising in on-line elemental and moisture analysis of bulk materials providing operators with process data to make pro-active real-time control decisions to improve plant efficiency and bottom-line profitability.

From our beginnings as an instrument service provider to the Australian coal industry, RTI has steadily grown and diversified into a high-tech manufacturer and supplier of on-line measurement and analysis equipment to the global mining, mineral processing, power generation, cement production and food industries. RTI’s customers range from small food processing facilities to large multinational mining and power generation companies on all continents.

With a vast global network of reputable business partners on all continents, we can provide customers with unmatched service and sales support ranging from on-site technical services to remote diagnostic and calibration expertise.

RTI’s on-line analyzers utilise the latest technology to measure the chemical composition, density, and moisture content of bulk material as the product is transported on a conveyor belt. RTI’s ability to pivot its onshore manufacturing production line, allow for easy customization to existing products to facilitate the analysis of products in hoppers, screw-feeders, chutes, and pipes in addition to standardized conveying systems.

Our signature product, the AllScan® PGNAA Elemental Analyzer, measures the chemical composition of raw material in cement production, steel production, coal, iron ore, and most minerals. MoistScan®, the world’s most popular online microwave moisture analyzer, measures the moisture content in a wide range of materials. Our AshScan® coal quality analyzer measures total ash content in coal. The GammaScan® also measures total ash content but does not require a nuclear source. RTI’s DD-1000 non-intrusive Digital Density Gauge measures the density of liquids and slurries in pipes. RTI service and distributes a large range of high-performance Belt Weighers, Tectron’s Tramp Metal Detectors, and the MARS Tramp Metal Removal System.

Underpinning the company is our commitment to customer service in the field. From our beginnings as a service-based company, a culture of unrivalled customer support is engraved in every employee currently working for RTI. Our technicians are on the frontline daily conducting general product support, installing, and commissioning our equipment to ensure operational excellence. Our physicists and calibration engineers can attend to any customer concerns by remotely accessing our equipment to perform routine maintenance and calibration checks, or analyze data as part of our popular Product Support Agreement.

We attribute the success of our analyzer range to our real-world practical experience gained in the field, a philosophy of continuous product improvement through lessons learnt, and feedback we receive while working with our customers in meeting their operational objectives. This feedback drives practical improvements to our products bred from a culture of innovation, involvement, and integrity in our daily interaction with new and existing customers.




The world’s most advanced PGNAA analyzer.

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The global leader in on-line moisture analysis.

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Designed to be practical, the AshScan is simple to install, set-up and calibrate.

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Where a radiation source is not an option, the GammaScan is that solution.

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Bulk material mass measurement for metallurgical accounting.

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Digital Point Level

Contactless level measurement on chutes and hoppers.

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Digital DD-1000

Density measurement for metallurgical accounting.

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Most effective Tramp metal removal without belt stoppages.

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Tectron Tramp Metal Detector

Metal detection to prevent damage of downstream assets.

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