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Company Profile

The Realtime Group manufacture, supply, and service online analysers for the global cement, coal, power, chemical, iron ore and steel industries.

Our Mission … relentless research fused with the eternal pursuit of perfection to produce the most advanced on-line technology


Our Objective … By using unparalleled field experience, untamed passion and the most advanced technology we aim to produce the very best on-line analysers on the market


Core Beliefs

    • Integrity – No Compromise
    • Customers – We will meet and strive to exceed our customers expectations
    • Our People – Our people are our No. 1 asset and will be treated with equality, fairness and respect
    • Our products – Superior Products & Services through continuous improvement
    • Teamwork – Through teamwork we will build a strong and sustainable business

The Group is comprised of the following two subsidiaries companies:
Real Time Instruments
Real Time Instruments (RTI) design and manufacture a large range of high end on-line instrumentation equipment.


The AllScan on-belt (or by-line analyser) provides minute by minute elemental composition of material on a conveyor belt. This is a true elemental analyser and is not categorised for specific products. The AllScan analyser measures the elemental content of cement, iron ore, coal and copper ore as well as other minerals with equalled accuracy. The AllScans have been applied to iron ore, copper core, cement, coal and the power industry in counties including, Kenya, Mozambique, India, USA, Brazil, Chile and Australia.


The MoistScan range of products is arguably the largest install base of industrial microwave measurement analysers world wide with over 700 installations in over 30 countries.


Real Time Instruments also design and manufacture a range on coal ash analysers including duel energy ash analysers (AshScan) and natural gamma ash analysers (GammaScan).


The RTI iPad Density Gauge is a unique design of density gauge aimed at providing simple setup and interface through iPad connectivity.


RTI is also the sole Australian distributor of Process Automation belt weighers and Tectron metal detectors.


RTI installs, commissions, calibrates and provides maintenance services for all its products as well as a range of competitive products.


There are RTI offices based in Perth, Brisbane and Mackay with agents supporting the equipment around the world.
Tanktel specialises in the remote monitoring of tank levels. Tanktel telemetry systems continually measure the level of product in tanks and silos using internet based online monitoring. It has an extensive base of customers throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. Tanktel is based in Brisbane, Australia.

Our History
The Realtime Group was founded in 2004 although the original company of Real Time instruments was formed in 1999. From the origins in 1999 as a service based company for the mining industry, The Group has grown and expanded to become a world leader in on-line instrumentation. The company has grown exponentially and now manufactures and distributes a range of premium online analysis equipment as well as measuring and detecting equipment. Service has and does remain core to everything we do, and ensures the clients get a rapid return on their investment. As part of this philosophy the company offers pre-sales assessment of client requirements, in order to ensure the right equipment is applied to the right application. We believe seamless commissioning combined with minimal calibration provides for an upfront problem free analyser. The Company has grown the service division in order to ensure that all products supplied are accompanied by a service and maintenance program to ensure optimal operation and lifetime of our products.

Our Motto the best instrumentation in the world is only as good as the Services that accompany it


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