Welcome to MoistScan

Welcome to MoistScan®.   We are the global leader in online moisture analysis.


This site provides a general overview of our products and services. It also contains examples where and how Moistscan® is being used throughout the world. Developed by Realtime Instruments, Moistscan® employs state-of-the-art microwave technology to accurately measure moisture in a wide-range of bulk materials.

  • Agriculture – wheat, rice, maize, corn, sorghum, food grains, feed grains, fertilisers
  • Bio-Fuels – bagasse, woodchip, wood flake, pulp, sawdust, hog fuel
  • Building Materials – cement, MDF board, particle board, panel board, clay
  • Food – cheese, butter, snack foods, breakfast cereals, pasta
  • Mining – coal, iron ore, bauxite, nickel, aluminium, lead, zinc, copper, concentrate, sinter, filter cake,

Unlike other technologies such as near infrared (NIR), radio frequency (RF), conductance and capacitance, Moistscan® analyses 100% of the material identifying variations in moisture throughout the entire profile. The Moistscan® patented microwave transmission technique combined with RTI’s extensive application knowledge ensures that Moistscan® online microwave moisture analysers operate with the highest precision. Our technology is used by industry throughout the world to:

For more information on our range of online moisture analysers visit our Products Overview page.