Application Assessment

At each stage of the pre-order process our engineers will evaluate your specific application and provide details regarding performance, lifecycle, technical details and benefits of the equipment to be supplied for the application. The assessment ensures that the correct equipment is supplied to address your operational challenge with the biggest benefit to you.

Commissioning and Calibration

Our qualified Field Service Engineers (FSE) have experience on all products and are available to provide technical assistance during the installation, commissioning and calibration phases of the project. This assistance can be provided on site or remotely.

Service and Support

Our 24/7 remote or on-site service support ensure the equipment operate at an optimal level which enable our customers to pro-actively control processes resulting in operational efficiency improvements at plant level. Underpinning the company is our commitment to customer service in the field. From our beginnings as a service-based company, a culture of unrivalled customer support is engraved in every employee currently working for RTI. Our technicians are on the frontline daily conducting general product support, installing, and commissioning our equipment to ensure operational excellence. Our physicists and calibration engineers can attend to any customer concerns by remotely accessing our equipment to perform routine maintenance and calibration checks, or analyze data as part of our popular Product Support Agreement.

Custom Design Solutions

RTI’s on-line analyzers utilise the latest technology to measure the chemical composition, density, and moisture content of bulk material as the product is transported on a conveyor belt. RTI’s ability to pivot its onshore manufacturing production line, allow for easy customization to existing products to facilitate the analysis of products in hoppers, screw-feeders, chutes, and pipes in addition to standardized conveying systems.

Research and Development

We attribute the success of our analyzer range to our real-world practical experience gained in the field, a philosophy of continuous product improvement through lessons learnt, and feedback we receive while working with our customers in meeting their operational objectives. This feedback drives practical improvements to our products bred from a culture of innovation, involvement, and integrity in our daily interaction with new and existing customers.

OEM Integration

With current agreements in place with various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) the order placement is a seamless process with prior agreed Terms and Conditions (T&C’s) in place. The OEM gains a competitive advantage over its rivals by its ability to provide a complete quantitative and qualitative solution by adding our equipment into their project scope.

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