Monitoring humidity and moisture in mineral ores and concentrates

The MoistScan® MA-500 Series is the number one selling online microwave humidity and moisture analyser used in the mining and mineral processing industries.  MoistScan® can accurately measure the humidity in ores, concentrates and other ore derivatives.

Applications include but are not limited to:-

– coal

– alumina

– bauxite

– copper

– silver

– zinc

– lead

– nickel

– iron Ore

– gold

– silver

– manganese

– chromate

– mineral sandThe MoistScan® humidity analyzer utilizes microwave technology to measure inherent moisture in bulk materials as they are being conveyed on a belt conveyor.  The MoistScan® humidity analyzer incorporates a c-frame design which easily fits to the conveyor stringers.


Online elemental analyzers used in mineral processing

PGNAA online elemental analyzers deliver real time accurate elemental analysis for a wide range of minerals.   The AllScan® online elemental analyzer can be custom configured to identify and precisely quantify individual chemical elements as oxides of interest to the customer.

AllScan Online PGNAA Analyser
AllScan Online PGNAA Analyzer


Online online humidity analyzer –  MoistScan® MA-500HD product brochure

PGNAA elemental guage – AllScan® elemental analyser brochure

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