Iron Ore and Steel

Iron Ore and Steel

Moisture Monitoring of Ores and Sinters

RTI’s MoistScan® onbelt moisture analyzer, which employs microwave technology to measure total free moisture, has been used extensively in the iron ore and steel industries for many years.   In iron ore production and handling, the MoistScan® MA-500HDi is used for metallurgical accounting and also as an important tool at the port for monitoring of transportable moisture limits (TML’s).  In steel making, the MA-500HDi is installed on the sinter blend line to optimize moisture content in the production of sinter pellets.

Elemental Analysis of Ores and Sinters

In recent years the iron ore and steel industries have turned to online elemental analysis using online PGNAA analyzers for metallurgical balance, product specification and blending.  The AllScan® elemental analyzer uses state of the art prompt gamma neutron activation analysis (PGNAA) technology to accurately measure the make up of iron ores, sinters and concentrates at mines, ports and steel mills.

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