Quality Control Using Online Coal Analysers

Quality Control Using Online Coal Analysers

Increasingly Online Coal Analysers are used in the coal industry from pit, to port, to the final end-user, to achieve quality control objectives.

Online coal ash and elemental analyzers are particularly useful to improve ROM (run of mine) coal quality objectives.  Coal, as delivered, from the mine mouth or pit head and before any treatment or preparation is conducted, is commonly a highly heterogeneous material which in addition to pure coal contains rocks from the floor and roof strata, and middlings.

The AllScan® online coal elemental analyser and the AshScan® online coal ash analyser are used to indicate the quality of the coal being mined.  Data from the analysers is fed back to mine to direct extraction operations.  Data from the analysers is also fed forward to the preparation plant to assist setting washability parameters.  In addition data from the analysers can be used to operate diversion gates to either send coal to the washplant, to the reject belt or directly to the product stockpile.


AllScan® onbelt elemental gauge – Product brochure
Application Data Sheet – Application Questionnaire

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