Optimize Boiler Efficiency

Optimize Boiler Efficiency

Fuel quality is a major cause of lost economic opportunity in the coal fired power station.

Both coal ash and moisture content have dramatic affect on the efficiency of electricity generation from pulverized coal.  An understanding of coal ash composition, particularly where ash contains detectable levels of trace elements such as mercury, arsenic and lead, is increasingly important with our modern day focus on environmental management.

RTI’s range of coal online instruments that measure coal ash, moisture and elemental composition provide valuable real-time data on coal quality that, when used as an additional control parameter in a boiler optimization program can result in significant economic gain.   Combined data from the analysers can be used to calculate gross calorific value and dry tonnage; important measures fundamental to boiler optimization.


Coal online elemental analyzer – AllScan® Product brochure
Coal online  ash analyzer– AshScan® Product brochure
Coal online moisture analyzer – MoistScan® Product Brochure

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