Online Coal Analyzers used for Metallurgical Accounting

Online Coal Analyzers used for Metallurgical Accounting

Metallurgical accounting, also referred to as product reconciliation, is the monitoring of coal from the time the ore is broken at the primary crusher until production of the final saleable product. The overall purpose of metallurgical accounting is to provide management with up-to-date information that can be used to control mining and processing operations. The decisions that are taken on the basis of the information that the metallurgical accounting system provides should result in improved control and, ultimately, increased revenue.

RTI’s range of online coal ash, elemental and moisture analysers are commonly used as online monitoring tools in coal metallurgical accounting, metallurgical balance and product reconciliation systems.

Continuous ash, moisture and elemental analysis, delivered in real time, provides powerful information to accurately calculate key performance measures such as ash percentage, calorific value and saleable dry tons. Strategically placed on conveyors at key points in the value-adding change, online coal ash, elemental and moisture analyzers should be considered in any coal mining, processing and handling operation.


Continuous coal elemental analyzer – AllScan® Product brochure
Continuous coal ash analyzer– AshScan® Product brochure
Continuous coal moisture analyzer – MoistScan® Product Brochure

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