Maximising Seam Recovery Using Online Coal Ash Gauges

Maximising Seam Recovery Using Online Coal Ash Gauges

Maximizing coal recovered whilst minimizing ash mined is a key objective in both open cut and underground coal mining operations.

According to a 1995 study by the Australian Coal Association Research Program coal loss is costing the Australian open cut coal mining industry an estimated $480M per year in saleable revenue. The extent of coal loss varies between 5% to about 20% of in situ coal.

Many operations acknowledge that preparation plants are adversely affected by unforeseen variation in ROM coal quality and that washing performance could be improved by greater coordination of mining and washing programs.

The study goes on to say that an important tool in addressing this economic loss is in the area of real time feedback to the mining operation that can be used in a pro-active way to manage coal loss and dilution.

In this regard, Online Coal Ash Gauges can play an important role in proving real time information on key quality parameters to assist with mining and washing decision making.


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