Coal Handling and Onbelt Coal Quality Analysers

Coal Handling and Onbelt Coal Quality Analysers

Coal handling systems are an integral part of a complete material flow and quality management system.

RTI’s range of onbelt coal quality analysers  provide realtime, minute-by-minute data to facilitate optimization of coal handling from pit to port to power station.  Our products have particular application at the mine, at the wash plant and at the power station.

RTI’s on-conveyor ash analysers are commonly used on run-of-mine (ROM) belts installed after a secondary crusher.  Depending on the belt loading either the AshScan on-conveyor ash analyzer or GammaScan on conveyor ash analyser is suitable.  Where metallurgical balance is a key measurement, online ash and moisture analysis is desirable.  The AshScanDuo® and GammaScanDuo® integrate on conveyor ash and moisture measurement into a single analyser enabling dry tonnes to be accurately determined.

In addition, RTI’s on conveyor elemental, ash and moisture analysers are commonly installed on the product belt of a washplant.

An integrated coal quality management system is particularly important when power plants are supplied by different minesites with variable coal parameters such as calorific value, density, ash content, moisture content and content of sulphur, silicon, aluminium and potassium.  The availability of online data on such quality parameters is an invaluable addition to any coal quality system designed to ensure an efficient burning process and to reduce slagging.  RTI’s AllScan® on-conveyor elemental analyser is commonly installed on the feed belt to the boiler or where blending occurs at the power plant on the coal receivables belt.


AllScan® onbelt elemental gauge – Product brochure
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