Coal Sorting and Stockpiling

Coal Sorting and Stockpiling

RTI manufacture a range of online coal analyzers that are commonly used in coal sorting and stockpile management systems.

The AshScan® coal analyser is a powerful tool for sorting and stockpiling of coal.  In particular, the AshScan® coal analyzer is commonly installed on run of mine (ROM) conveyor after a secondary crusher as part of a sorting system that includes controls and flop gates.  ROM coal delivered from the mine mouth or pit head is highly heterogeneous which in addition to pure coal contains rocks from the floor, roof strata and middlings.

Commonly the AshScan® is used to monitor the coal quality so as to separate 1st pass coal from second pass rock-coal mixture.  A signal from the AshScan® is used to control a flop gate which either sends coal to the washery feed stockpile or diverts it to a raw product stockpile.  The AshScan® can also feed-back information to the mine on the quality of the coal being extracted so that appropriate corrective action can be taken.

In some circumstances where the coal ash chemistry is highly variable and where commonly more than one seam is being mined the AllScan® online elemental analyzer may be a preferred option to the AshScan®.   Where there are issues with having radioactive sources on-site or where the bed depth of ROM coal is over 350mm the GammaScan® online coal ash gauge may also be a suitable alternative.



‘AshScan® online coal ash analyzer is commonly used for sorting and stockpiling of coals where chemical composition of the coal is relatively homogenous

Where coal is highly variable in chemical composition, the AllScan PGNAA analyser is a practical solution


AshScan® Coal Analyser Product Brochure

AllScan Coal Analyser Product Brochure

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