Using the AllScan Onbelt Coal Analyser in Coal Blending

AllScan Onbelt Coal Analyser Use in Blending

In coal-fired power generation in particular, blending of coals is undertaken to reduce the cost of generation and increase availability of coal.  Low-grade coals can be mixed with better grade coal without deterioration in thermal performance of the boiler thus reducing the cost of generation.

Blending of coals is expected to grow over the next decade as electric utilities attempt to reduce cost, meet SO2 emission limits and improve combustion performance of their coals.  The presence of trace elements in coal combustion has also received increased attention throughout the world during the last few years, with elements such as mercury of particular concern.  There are a variety of methods used to blend coal.  Blending can occur at various points along the value adding chain including at the coal mine, the preparation plant, the ports, and at the power station.

A key success factor in any blending program is to know your coal – intimately.

The AllScan® onbelt elemental gauge is used to facilitate precision blending by providing realtime, minute-by-minute data on coal composition as it is being transported on a belt conveyor.  The newest elemental analyzer on the market, the AllScan® can be custom configured to measure the elements of relevance in the combustion process and to calculate key combustion performance parameters. These include:

– Carbon
– Hydrogen
– Nitrogen
– Oxygen
– Sulfur
– Ash
– Volatiles
– Fixed carbon
– Calorific Value

Additionally, the AllScan® is capable of detecting and measuring trace elements such as mercury, arsenic and selenium.


AllScan® onbelt elemental gauge – Product brochure
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