Stockpile and Quarry Management

Stockpile Building and Quarry Management

In today’s highly competitive business environment, cement manufacturers must produce highly differentiable quality products that consistently meet stringent customer specifications. As raw materials become increasingly scarce and extraction costs escalate, cement companies also need to improve utilization of quarry reserves to minimize costs.

The use of online cement elemental analyzers in quarry and stockpile management results in significant improvements in pre-blending performance through improved utilization of quarry materials and homogenized building of the stockpiles to desired specifications.


AllScan® is typically installed on the conveyor downstream of the secondary crusher.   The AllScan® continuously reports the elemental composition of the material on the conveyor belt.  This information is used to direct haul trucks to different sections of the quarry in order to best utilize the borehole mine model.  Information from the AllScan™ is also used to track the cumulative chemistry of the pile in order to improve quality and reduce utilization costs


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