Tectron Tramp Iron Spary Marker

Tectron Tramp Iron Spray Marker System

The Tectron Tramp Iron  Spray Marking System is a pressurised, solenoid activated liquid spray system which is installed downstream from the Metal Detector and pinpoints the location of tramp iron and other tramp metal materials to eliminate costly search and down time.


When metal is detected, a timed signal is sent to the spray marker to spray a brightly colored dye on to the material on the belt to mark the location of the detected metal.

The colorants that is sprayed is available in white or yellow, and will not clog the spray nozzle.   (Spray nozzle clogging problems only arise when paint is substituted for the colorant).

The device requires Plant air or any source of 100 to 200 psi inert gas.


Spray Marker Datasheet – Application Questionnaire

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