Tectron 50 Flatpack Tramp Metal Detector

Tectron 50 Flatpack Tramp Metal Detector

The Tectron 50 Flat Pack Tramp Metal Detector  for Conveyor Belts is a version of the Model 50 that sits entirely underneath the conveyor belt.


It is ideally suited to conveyers where:

  • space restrictions above the conveytor belt do not allow for the top antenna of the standard Model 50 conveyor metal detector,
  • the material being conveyed is odd shaped or of varying height
  • where the metal is lying on or close to the belt conveyor.

There is potentially some sacrifice in sensitivity in moving from the Model 50 to the Model 50 flat pack, in particular for tramp metal sitting on top of the burden as sensitivity is greatest close to the belt and decreases with distance from the antenna.

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Tectron Model 50  Flatpack Metal Detector – Product brochure
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