Tectron Flag Drop Marker for Conveyor Belt Metal Detectors

Tectron-Flag-Drop-Marker Tectron Flag Drop Marker for Conveyor Belt Metal Detectors

The Tectron Flag Drop Marker for Conveyor Belt Metal Detectors is an optional accessory.  It is installed downstream from the Tramp Metal Detector  to mark the location of the metal on the belt.

This helps the operator quickly locate the metal on in the material on the conveyor belt and allow production to continue with minimal downtime.

When metal is sensed by the Detector, a properly timed signal is sent to the flag drop marker, which releases the non-metallic “flag “onto the belt.  The counter on the flag drop marker notes how many metal pieces were detected after the flag has been dropped, while the belt is coming to a stop, so the operator knows how many metal pieces he is looking for.  This helps prevent metal from being missed by the operator.

Once all the tramp metal is removed from the conveyor belt, the operator re-inserts the flag into the assembly.  When the flag is replaced the counter resets to zero and the Tramp Metal Detector is reset to allow the belt to be restarted. Features include:

  • Highly visible, non-metallic  flag makes locating metal easier
  • Totally self-contained unit with NEMA 4X rating
  • Does not require compressed air or maintenance
  • Flags are re-usable
  • Unit comes with a set of 3 flags for replacement
  • Integrated trip counter to confirm the number of tramp metal pieces for operator to find

The Tectron Flag Drop Marker, used in conjunction with any of the Tectron Industrial Tramp Metal Detector range, is suitable for most types of mining conveyor belts and products  susceptible to tramp metal contamination including coal, iron ore, bauxite and most other mineral ores.


Flag Dropper Data Sheet – Application questionnaire
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