Tectron 50 Tramp Metal Detector

Tectron 50 Tramp Metal Detector

The Tectron 50 Tramp Metal Detector is tough, reliable and suited for harsh industrial environments.   It is the most popular industrial metal detector in Tectron’s product line.  Its combination of flexibility and high sensitivity makes it ideally suited for a wide variety of applications on most belt conveyor types.   The Model 50 can be tuned to ignore conductive and even magnetic ores such as pyrite and magnetite, even if they are carried by high tension steel cord belts with rip detection loops, and is still able to detect small pieces of metal.  The Model 50 Tramp Metal Detector is available in nearly any belt width, and can be field adjusted to fit most standard conveyor configurations.  The Model 50 metal detector for conveyor belts replaces the models 5000, 8000, and 8600 detectors sold for many years.  It comes with full digital control electronics, which include password protection.





The Swing-away Transmitter Antenna design, with optional Roughing Guard, reduces the likelihood of damage from large lumps and over-burdens, protecting your investment.     A version of the Model 50 called the Model 50 flat pack is available that sits only underneath the conveyer belt.    However this style will have less sensitivity to tramp metal sitting on top of the burden, furthest away from the detector.

Options for this model include: Clip Detector, Spray Marker, Flag Drop Marker, Alarm Light and/or Horn, IP66 enclosure, and more.

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