Tectron Tramp Metal Detector Control and Communication Systems

Tectron Tramp Metal Detector Control and Communication Systems

All digital models of Tectron Tramp Metal Detectors come with a sophisticated microprocessor control unit.


Features include:

Control Unit
Single, Field Replaceable, Microprocessor based controls
Simple to service & maintain with interchangeable boards
32 digit LED display with bar graph for metal signal indication.   Membrane keypad.
Easy to read and operate
Self-Test circuit with Fault Alarm indication
Simplifies troubleshooting by automatically diagnosing problem,
Function, Metal and Fault indication LEDs
Ensures you always know the status of your metal detector
Trip and Totalizing Counters
Instant access to number of trips.
Remote Operation Capability
Facilities off-site troubleshooting and control.
EEPROM Stored system parameters
System settings can be swapped between boards, no need to re-program
3-level password protection
Prevents unauthorized access to key settings and functions
Adjustable Frequency
Frequency adjustment can eliminate airborne interference from motors, CB radios, and other external sources
Optional RS232 / RS485 serial link to PC with “Event” logbook & time stamp
Tracks metal detector performance and allows output to a PC for data analysis and archiving

Non-digital models employ solid state electronics and use potentiometers for sensitivity adjustment.

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