Radiation Detection in Trucks and Other Vehicles

The unique way that the RadComm system distinguishes between the background radiation from radioactive contaminants is the key to its success.   The background radiation signal will change significantly and unpredictably when the truck drives past the detectors, due to presence of the truck itself as well as its load.  By continually monitoring the background radiation signal in real time, the threshold for detection of a contaminant is continuously adjusted to be just above the background, ensuring high sensitivity, without false alarms from a change in the density of the material being scanned.

This ensures the highest detection probability and fewest false alarms

RadiationDetectionSystem An built-in non-radioactive light source allows you to perform regular calibrations and system checks  without the need for a radioactive test source. As part of your recommended annual on-site maintenance visit, a radioactive source is used by our service engineers to carry out further checks, but this is entirely handled by Real Time Instruments and its sister division Radiation Safety Services, as we are fully licensed to own, transport and use radioactive sources. 

Several models of vehicle detection systems are available; for further information on the these, please download the data sheets, or contact us so we can help you further.


Download the RC1000 brochure, here.

Download the RC2000 brochure, here.

Download the RC4000 brochure, here.

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