Grapple and Magnet

Radiation Detection at Scrap Metal Facilities

The Cricket™ Grapple and magnet systems are unique in the industry, with over 400 systems successfully operating around the world. Their extremely rugged and robust design has been developed and proven over 8 years.   The systems can be fitted to any grapple, are easy to install and maintain, and are very operator friendly.


Cricket™ is ideal for bulk scrap handling at facilities including:

  • Port, waterside loading / unloading applications

    • detects radioactive material before it is unloaded
    • particularly useful if no other radiation detection systems are being used
    • acts as a backup for vehicle systems               
  • Rail car loading / unloading

    • look closer and catch the deeply buried source the vehicle monitoring systems missed         
  • Shredder infeed loading

    • prevent equipment and personnel contamination
  • Charge bucket loading

    • last chance to detect radioactive material before it is melted 

Download the Cricket Grapple brochure here.

Download the Cricket Magnet brochure here.

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