GammaScan Non Nucleonic Coal Analyzer


GammaScan Non Nucleonic Coal Analyzer

The GammaScan non-nucleonic coal analyzer, measures total ash in coal, in real time, on a conveyor belt.  As such, it does not require a radioactive source.

Ash content is calculated by measuring changes in natural background radiation emitted by coal.

Gamma radiation is predominantly emitted by elements Uranium (U), Potassium (K) and Thorium (Th) which are naturally present in coal.   The amount of these elements correlates strongly with the main ash forming elements Silicon (Si), Iron (Fe) and Calcium (Ca).  By measuring the gamma count rate ash content is accurately determined.

The GammaScan incorporates a large scintillation detector which is mounted between conveyor idlers directly under the centre line of the belt.  This detector is shielded from background radiation by a lead lining within the detector assembly, as well as an over belt lead shield.

This technology is ideally suited to the measurement of ash in applications with thick coal beds such as run-of-mine, raw coal conveyors and plant feed conveyors. The natural gamma technology is the only technology that can measure bed depths that are in excess of 350mm.

The GammaScan, like all RTI online analysers, combines advanced technology with field know-how.  The result.  A state-of-the-art online coal analyser that is easy to install, easy to calibrate and practical to service.

The GammaScan is commonly used in the coal industry for maximising coal recovery.


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