Digital Slurry Density Meter

DD-1000 Digital Slurry Density Meter
RTI’s DD-1000 Digital Slurry Density Meter utilizes gamma ray absorption technology to accurately measure slurry density in a wide range of process applications including coal and cement.

Utilizing the latest in communication technology, the DD-1000 gamma slurry gauge is the most advanced anlayser on the market.  It is highly accurate and extremely easy to set up, calibrate and maintain.

The DD-1000 density gauge features:

    • IP-67 rated stainless steel construction
    • Full access and control via IPad® application HMI interface
    • Drop-tested and fire-tested source holderIP67 Stainless Steel Construction


“The DD-1000 is the most advanced and easy to use density gauge currently available”
The DD-1000 gamma slurry gauge is by far the easiest and most practical slurry analyser on the market to set up, calibrate and maintain.    Every function of the gauge, including detailed diagnostics and graphical trending of data, is accessed wirelessly via an iPad® application interface. This is the only density gauge currently on the market that utilizes the IPad® app system as a HMI, thus providing unparalleled practicality and ease-of-use.

The Apple IPad® and application software is included in the total package.  The IPad® is housed in an IP-67 rated casing making it waterproof, dust proof and shock resistant .


The iPad® App includes:

      • Graphical trending of SG and Reference
      • Full Operators Manual
      • Access to all setup parameters
      • Calibration
      • Detailed Detector Diagnostics
      • Logging of data

Source Holder

The source holder supplied with the DD-1000 is at the forefront in safety design featuring:

      • Solid Steel or Stainless Steel construction
      • Fully drop tested and fire tested
      • Rated to 500mCurie (Cs-137)



Additional features of the DD-1000 gamma density gauge include:

      • IP67 Rated stainless steel construction
      • Intergral backlit LCD display showing counts and SG (specific gravity)
      • Automatic gain stabilization
      • Universal mounting bracket
      • Physical “standard density” checkplate*, which can be engaged at any time to check the Density Gauge’s operation.    (*optional accessory)

Complete Radiation Service

Importantly, RTI can take care of all site radiation requirements including:

      • Installation and set-up
      • Calibration
      • Scheduled wipe tests to comply regulation standards
      • Source acquisition
      • Source disposal


DD-1000 Digital Density Gauge –  Product brochure

Application Data Sheet – Application Assessment

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