UniPro IV Belt Scale Controller

UniPro IV Belt Scale Controller

The UniPro IV Belt Scale Controller with integrated HMI enables easy set-up, calibration and maintenance.  It is a fundamental component of any belt conveyor weighing system.

Its intuitive menu interface is very easy to use.  Step-by-step on-screen instructions guide the user through set up, calibration and customization of inputs and outputs.  Multiple checks and balances built into the software virtually eliminates human error.   The Unipro IV is typically mounted close to the belt weigher.  The HMI or Local Terminal Unit (LTU) is fitted to the enclosure door enabling keypad operation without opening the enclosure.  Double door enclosures are also available where required.
The HMI can also be conveniently located remote from the controller enclosure.

The UniPro IV weighing transmitter has a wide range of digital and analog inputs and outputs.

Digital Inputs

  • Totalizer pulses
  • Load low alarm
  • Load high alarm
  • Rate low alarm
  • Rage high alarm
  • Speed high alarm
  • Speed low alarm
  • Controller deviation alarm
  • Sampler control
  • System healthy
  • Automate test weight operation
  • Control set point source
  • Batch control (1 x output)
  • Speed sensor replacement
  • Automated test weight operation
  • Variable speed drive “Run” feedback
  • Batch control (3 x inputs, 1 x output)

Analog Inputs

  • Remote set point
  • Moisture
  • Conveyor incline angle

Analog Outputs

  • Feed rate
  • Belt load
  • Set point control

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