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The performance of the Conveyor Belt Tachometer or tacho, a component of the weightometer, measures the speed of the conveyor belt.  It  is fundamentally important for accurate results.   Using smart electronics, RTI’s range of belt scales integrate belt speed data from the conveyor belt tachometer with instantaneous mass data from the weigh frame to determine flow rate and totalized weight.

RTI manufacture two models of tachometers:

  • PT-500 Tacho
  • PT-500LS Tachometer

Model PT-500

The model PT-500 tachometer, a high resolution tacho, operates at 500 pulses per revolution.  It is suitable for direct coupling to any non-driven pulley or similar drive mechanism for an operational speed range of 25 to 2000 RPM.  The PT-500 is supplied with a 150mm long, 15mm diameter drive shaft.  The length of the drive shaft can be cut to suit.

Accuracy can be further enhanced by coupling  the PT-500 with a Tacho Drive Assembly (TDA), an optional addition to RTI’s weight-ometer product range.


Model PT-500LS

The PT-500LS is RTI’s low speed version of the PT-500 tachometer.  It enables measurement of rotational speeds in the range of 1.0 to 50 RPM.

Speed Sensor Drive Assembly (TDA)

Ultimate accuracy is obtained by coupling a PT Tachometer with a Speed Sensor Drive Assembly (TDA).   RTI manufactures a TDA with a tachometer – conveyor belt interface.   This virtually eliminates speed measurement errors.


Ultimate accuracy is obtained by coupling the PT Tachometer with a Speed Sensor Drive Assembly (TDA)

The TDA coupled to the standard PT-500 Tachometer provides an operational speed range of 25 meters per minute or greater.

When used with the low speed PT-500LS Tacho the operational speed range is between 1.0 and 5 meters per minute.

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