Econoweigh Belt Scale

Econoweigh® Belt Scale

The Econoweigh® beltscale is RTI’s low end weigher.   The weigher incorporates a low deflection, approach type weigh frame with a single, precision load cell, operating in tension.  The  Econoweigh® belt-scale provides rate and total information on applications suited to electro-mechanical scales where price is a major consideration yet reasonably high accuracy is required.  The weigher features a compact design suitable for applications where available mounting space is limited.

There are several models of the Econoweigh® belt scale:

  • Econoweigh® EC1 – single on-scale idler
  • Econoweigh® EC2 – duel on-scale idler
  • Econoweigh® EC4 – four on-scale idler

The EC4 has four on-scale idlers, and double the weigh span of the dual weigh idler Model EC2, which in turn has double the weigh span of the single weigh idler Model EC1.    Multiple idler systems are less sensitive to idler misalignment, maintenance and housekeeping when compared to the EC1 system.  Typically accuracies of 0.5-1 % of design capacity are possible depending on the choice of model.


Econoweigh® belt scale – product brochure

Application Data Sheet – Application Questionnaire

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