Easyweigh Conveyor Belt Scale

Easyweigh® Conveyor Belt Scale
The Easyweigh® is a counter-balanced, single idler weigh frame  Conveyor Belt Scale.   It is a low deflection belt weigher with a single, precision load cell, operating in tension, to provide superior weighing performance. The load sensor assembly incorporates overload protection and protection against mechanical shock.  The Easyweigh® is supplied with a simple-to-operate on-board test weight.  This allows calibration checks to be easily conducted to determine the as-found-error (AFE), thus ensuring that the weigher remains accurate.

Incorporating a counter-balance design the Easyweigh® belt-weigher is arguably the most accurate compact-design weigher on the market.   Correctly set-up, installed and calibrated, the Easyweigh® consistently achieves accuracies of better than 0.5% on standard belt conveyor applications.


Easyweigh® Belt Weigher – product brochure
Application Data Sheet – Application Questionnaire

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