Accuweigh Belt Weigher

Accuweigh® Conveyor Scale

The Accuweigh is RTI’s premium belt weigher.  Arguably, the most advanced on-conveyor industrial weigher on the market, the Accuweigh® is the choice of conveyor scale where precision and long term performance are paramount.

Available in two (2), four (4), and six (6) idler configurations, the Accuweigh® incorporates an advanced counter-balance design ensuring very high precision, even in difficult weighing situations such as applications which feature:

  • light belt loadings
  • low bulk density products
  • widely varying feed rates where a large dynamic operating range is essential
  • wide belts
  • high capacity applications operating at fast belt speeds
  • very thick belts
  • steep troughing angles
  • high belt tension areas

The Accuweigh® load sensor assembly incorporates overload protection and protection against mechanical shock.  The weigher is supplied with a simple-to-operate on-board test weight.  This allows calibration checks to be easily conducted to determine the as-found-error (AFE), thus ensuring that the weigher remains accurate.

Depending on the specifics of the application and the degree of accuracy required either the two (2), four (4), or six (6) idler weigh frame model will be suitable.   An accuracy of 0.25-0.5% of design capacity is typically achieved.

Accuweigh® Conveyor Scale – product brochure
Application Data Sheet – Application Questionnaire

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