Radiation Services


Real Time Instruments (RTI) are specialists in providing a comprehensive radiation protection service to holders of ionising radiation sources. Servicing all areas of industry, RTI aim to provide our customers with a quality, cost effective service that enables them to meet their radiation safety obligations. We are Australia’s only company that can now offer a combined Instrumentation and Industrial Radiation Service and expanded our services to include source disposal and acquisitions, supply and servicing of equipment, wipe testing analysis and guidance. 

We are dedicated to understanding your challenges. We will take the time to ensure that the solution we propose, deliver, and support is the best possible solution for your application, and which will prove economically sound and capable of short term return on investment.  

We will provide you with the best possible service and support. We owe our success to this philosophy and it continues to be the cornerstone of our business.


Real Time Instruments have a vast knowledge of Radiation Safety Legislation in Australia.

It’s our job to know the legislation and what it means for holders of sealed sources used for industrial purposes.   This benefits the client as it allows us to assist in the following areas with Qld Health:

  • Applications for a licence to possess sealed radioactive substances
  • Applications for approval of a Radiation Safety & Protection plan for the specific practice in which the sealed sources are to be “used”.
  • Applications for approval to acquire sealed sources and sealed source apparatus
  • Applications for approval to relocate sealed sources and sealed source apparatus
  • Applications for approval of radiation apparatus

We understand the responsibilities of the Radiation Safety Officer and perform RSO duties for a number of our clients, ongoing activities include: Monthly reporting to the Possession Licensee, arranging the provision of training, site monitoring, and review of Radiation Safety & Protection Plans.

Source Disposal and Relocation

RTI have disposal paths for most sealed isotopes.  Disposal of sealed radioactive material is not permitted in Australia and therefore we are forced to send all sealed sources meant for disposal to overseas agents. An application to relocate any sealed source that is intended for disposal must be completed and approved by radiation health before disposal can take place.  In addition, the agent must provide documentary evidence that they are prepared to accept the source/s for disposal.  Similarly, a sealed source is not to be relocated to a place outside Qld without the approval of Radiation health.

There are normally a few reasons why companies need to dispose of sealed sources,

  • The source is past it’s Recommended working life (RWL) as set by the manufacturer.
  • The source is no longer required, ie: plant decommissioning
  • The source has decayed to a state where it can no longer be used efficiently and requires replacement

Whatever the reason, we are able to handle the entire process from start to finish.

Source Acquistion

RTI are able to supply sealed radiation and reference sources to measure, analyse and detect. Our overseas manufacturers are able to provide high quality, technically precise radiation sources, including:

  • Americium-241  
  • Cesium-137 (Caesium-137) 
  • Californium-252 
  • Cobalt-60 

Equipment manufacturers use radiation sources in devices that utilise the properties of these sealed, radioactive materials. Source encapsulations and radioactive sources are often used within detection and analytical instrumentation devices.

Radiation sources ship in high-integrity encapsulations, engineered for minimum attenuation of the emitted gamma radiation. The radiation sources supplied by RTI meet all application international regulatory safety requirements.

Site Radiation Surveys

Radiation Surveys are performed in areas where radioactive materials are used to ensure that radioactive contamination and/or exposure levels are as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA).  

Area surveys are performed with an appropriate survey instrument and are used to detect exposure levels from either a removable or fixed source.

RTI have the equipment and personnel to attend to monthly, 3 monthly or yearly surveys depending on your survey requirements. Our detailed report will record all dose rates and ensure all gauges meet regulations.

Compliance Auditing

RTI list compliance auditing as one of our sought after services.  The majority of companies understand their responsibilities under the Radiation Safety Act and welcome a third party to audit their practice.  Compliance Auditing includes:

  • Ensuring all documents stated in the site RSPP are available and being kept up to date
  • All gauges, apparatus and premises have current certificates of compliance in accordance with the Radiation Safety Standards
  • All statutory checks on radiation apparatus are being conducted in accordance with the site RSPP.
  • Site survey meters are being calibrated on an annual basis and calibration certificates are kept. 
  • Site Radiation Safety & Protection plan is up to date and applicable to the current practice. 
  • Assist with any radiation protection concerns

Wipe Testing and Analysis

Wipe testing is an integral part of standard radiation monitoring protocols. Wipe tests are performed annually to check to see if there is any early detection of contamination even if the possibility of it occurring is very low.  RTI routinely take wipe tests on behalf of our clients on an annual basis.  We are able to analyse wipes in house and issue a wipe test certificate with a quick turnaround for all wipes analysed.

Supply and Calibrate Survey Meters & Dosimeter Badges

RTI can cater for a large diversity of radiation dose rate meters and personal electronic dosimeters used by radiation professionals. We will monitor your meters and schedule yearly calibrations for your survey meters and 3 monthly calibrations for your personal dosimeters. 

With two offices, one in Mackay and one in Perth we have the facilities to offer a fast turnaround with the calibrations of our survey meters.

Transport of Dangerous Goods

Currently RTI have eleven employees trained and competent in transporting of class 7 dangerous goods. 

We will ensure you have the proper documentation, storage, and packaging regardless of shipment origin or end destination. 

Supply of Hazard Signage and Source Labels

RTI can replace your aged and degraded signs, source blocks and source labels. We will look after any general radiation signage for the plant and store and any custom signs for any other radiation requirements. 

Service Capacity

Staff: Large team of Field Service Technicians with Radiation Health certified User, RSO and Transport Licences from various states and territories. All our technicians are trade qualified Instrument Technicians.

Emergency Services; can be contacted 24/7 via our emergency number to attend to or advise on radiation safety requirements. Services also include source recovery after fire, flood or other disaster events.

Workshop facilities: safety-in-mind designed workshop facilities available to to complete contracts in a timely and efficient manner. 

Brochure for Radiation Services.