Project Assessment

Project Assessment

Successful implementation of an online measurement system starts with an initial scoping of the project.  In this regard RTI undertakes a thorough application assessment in consultation with our client. This typically includes consideration of the following:

  • chemical and physical properties of product
  • conveyance details (belt conveyor, pipe etc..)
  • potential locations for installation of analyzer
  • electrical and mechanical
  • integration with other plant and equipment
  • interfacing with plant control system
  • data requirements 
  • safety
  • calibration methods
  • expected equipment performance.

RTI undertake appication assessments for belt weighers, online moisture analyzers, online PGNAA analyzers, density gauges and metal detectors.

On completion of the assessment RTI issue an Application Assessment Report.   This report covers each of the above key aspects.  It identifies and comments on each potential issue, its likely impact and how it might be addressed.  The report contains a list of recommendations which is a summary of our professional opinion on what we believe is required to achieve your objective.

The assessment, whilst thorough, is not a long or complicated process.

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