Installation of Online Measurement Equipment

Online Monitoring Equipment Installation

RTI install most makes of online coal analysers, elemental analysers, slurry density gauges, on-belt metal detectors, beltscales, and online moisture analysers.   Our technical team has the necessary generic and site inductions for the majority of mines in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia.   

Via our global network of technical service agents, we also install RTI manufactured and RTI distributed online products including the AllScan® PGNAA analyser, AshScan® online coal analyser,  GammaScan® online coal analyser, MoistScan® online moisture analyser, RTI digital density gauge, Process Automation (PA) belt scale, and the Tectron metal detector.

Online measurement equipment manufactured by Real Time Instruments is designed to be easily installed.  To ensure that the real-world practicalities of site installation where at the forefront in design thinking, Field service technicians with many years of experience were involved from beginning in the development of our range of coal ash, elemental, moisture and slurry gauges.

RTI’s range of products can also be installed by the customer.  Each product is accompanied by a user manual which includes step-by-step installation instructions including detailed mechanical and electrical drawings.

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