“Real Time Instruments’ new investor RCF Jolimont II to propel global growth in the mining industry”

10 March 2021 – Australian company The Realtime Group Ltd (Realtime)
announced today it has completed the sale of a majority stake in the company to RCF Jolimont Mining Innovation Fund II L.P. (RCF Jolimont II). RCF Jolimont II is a global, specialist investor in high-growth mining equipment, technology, and services (METS) companies.
Realtime is a global leader in on-line analysers for the mining, power generation, and manufacturing industries. Customers in 46 countries rely on its solutions to accurately measure the quality and elemental composition of their product in real-time as they are transported on automated material handling systems such as conveyor belts.
Dr James Asbury, a co-founder, and current Real Time CEO, explains: “Our
purpose-built solutions enable decisions to be made based on real-time analysis of materials as they are transported between the mine, mill, trains, and ships.
Real-time, online data of material properties that are to be loaded or processed permits timely decisions for optimising the overall process. Proactively managing materials in this way helps our customers to potentially save millions of dollars every year.”
“RCF Jolimont II’s investment in Realtime will inject a wealth of expertise and experience to continue our journey to become the leading solution provider in the global mining industry and beyond,” he said.
“The team behind RCF Jolimont II has a history of success with fast-growth
companies including Blast Movement Technologies and Newtrax which should benefit the future development of Real Time.”
RCF Jolimont II’s Andrew Jessett and Lyle Bruce will be joining the Realtime
board of directors. Jessett is Vice President, Australasia at RCF Jolimont II.
Jessett said, “As we went through the process of investing in Realtime two things really stood out: the glowing testimonials from their customers and the importance and value of enabling real-time decisions in the movement of valuable commodities. Realtime’s IOT technology is the premier solution in this space. We are very excited about the critical role it will play in helping customers realise new levels of efficiency in material processing.”

About Real Time Instruments
Real Time Instruments was founded in Queensland, Australia in 2004 to provide analytical instruments to the mining industry. It developed its flagship AllScan elemental analyser in 2013. Since its inception, it has grown rapidly to have over 1,000 systems deployed at mining and other operations in 46 countries. Its Head Office is in Mackay, Queensland. For more information, visit www.realtimegrp.com.

About RCF Jolimont Innovation
RCF Jolimont Innovation invests in high-growth mining equipment, technology and
services (METS) companies, assisting these companies to be globally successful.
The METS sector presents investment opportunities, magnified during periods of volatile commodity prices and/or high operating costs.
Mining companies rely increasingly on METS companies to provide incremental as well as step-change solutions to improve productivity and lower costs.
RCF Jolimont Innovation is part of Resource Capital Funds, (“RCF”), a group of commonly managed private equity funds, established in 1998 with a mining sector specific investment mandate spanning all hard mineral commodities and geographic regions. Since its inception, RCF has supported 197 mining companies, with projects located in 51 countries and across 32 commodities. Further information about RCF can be found on its website