Covid-19 to prompt shift to realtime, online material analysis…

Covid-19 to prompt shift to
realtime, online material analysis.

By reducing the turnaround time for analysis from days down to minutes, mining companies have the opportunity to monitor their operations in real time, and to respond to problems more rapidly than ever before.

The Coronavirus pandemic is having a telling impact on the mining sector, in ways barely thought unimaginable at the beginning of 2020.
With massive losses incurred during the lockdown due to lack of productivity, mining companies will certainly have to go all-out in adopting innovative ways to make up for loss of productivity – and fast at that. Unquestionably, one of the avenues where there is an obvious opening is in the techniques that would facilitate getting more value from ore and waste streams at the processing stage. Interestingly, there has been increase in the adoption of real-time online analysis as a means through which mines can get more value from mineral processing.

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