Digital Density Gauge Released

New Digital Density Gauge Released

16th May 2012

RTI’s new DD-1000 Digital Density Gauge is a revolution in ease of use.   All functions from calibration to diagnostics can be done remotely through the Density Gauge App on an iPad®.   This means the operator no longer has to stand next to the gauge, and as we all know density gauges are often in difficult or inconvenient locations.   Instead the operator can stand in a convenient and safe location, and instantly connect wirelessly to the gauge from the iPad App.

Having multiple gauges is no problem as all gauges can be accessed and controlled from a single iPad®  by simply selecting  the Gauge of interest from the menu.

A comprehensive  user manual is incorporated within the App, so all you need to know is at your fingertips.

The DD-1000 delivers excellent precision and reliability.  As standard, the gauge incorporates a stainless steel fireproof and drop-tested source holder.

Read more about the DD-1000 Digital Density Gauge here


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