Dust Control

MoistScan® is an essential component of modern day dust management systems. Many coals and mineral ores are low in lump content with significant levels of dust particulate. Many bulk handling terminals throughout the world are located close to towns and cities. Airborne dust particles can pose a major environmental concern. MoistScan® is traditionally incorporated into a whole-of-site dust management strategy where multiple analysers are used to monitor the moisture level of incoming products. The percentage moisture reported by the MoistScan®’s are compared to known dust extinguishable moisture levels (DEM’s) for each product. Where the moisture in the burden is lower than the DEM water is added to the belt via automatically controlled spray bars.

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Port – Brazil

Iron Ore Pellets
On conveyor to ship load out
Bed Depth:
Up to 450mm
1 – 3%
Dust management
Port - Brazil