Practically every modern day plant involves at some stage, the addition and/or extraction of water.

This is especially the case in the coal and minerals industries where MoistScan® is used in association with dewatering equipment such as centrifuges, vacuum filters and other solid-liquid separation technology.

Water addition commonly begins at the mine where it is applied to suppress dust, starting at the face and at transfer points, throughout its transport out of the mine. Consequently the material arriving at the preparation plant is already wet, frequently visibly.

Both economic and practical consideration dictates that water must be removed to a predetermined level after it has been processed and before it is dispatched. Often this level of moisture is critical. Too much moisture may cause transportation and safety issues as well as result in payment penalties. Too little moisture may result in quality reduction and loss of saleable yield. In this regard online moisture analysis can play an important part in dewatering and drying.

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Nickel Concentrate
Rotary disc filter
Bed Depth:
8 – 10%
Process automation and feed-back control