Having a little knowledge on Mining!

In this modern and methodological era, mining is the vital process for the industry. Mining and ore processing appear throughout the world and comprises of extracting minerals, metals, and gems from surrounding earth and core. It is the process of removing mineral that is immediate to the earth’s surface, but when the ore deposits are very huge, open-pit mining is applied.

The specific characteristics of the mining industry make unique challenges as it attempts to provide metals to the market at a competitive price, and meet environmental and society requirements. A modern mining process is an extremely mechanized, industrial plant that has to gather strict principles of engineering design and operation. The dimensions, power, supervising and managing features, and automation of mining equipment dwarf those of even a few years ago.

Mining is used to extract various metals like coal, aluminum, iron, gold, nickel and much more. The complete mining process consists of several consequent steps:

(1) Investigation
(2) Analysis and selection of a mining plan
(3) Procuring the markets
(4) Developing the mine
(5) Extracting the metal
(6) Processing the metal if required and
(7) Neutralizing the mine for post-mining use

How Real Time Group’s tools make Modern technology, mining easygoing?

The Real Time Group is the prevailing supplier of mining equipment and technology products in various parts of the world. Worldwide, the Real Time brand is prominent with mining, and can be seen used by doing the mining process. Here are some examples

1.Coal Mine – Australia MA-500HD– Its primary purpose is to advice controllers when product approaches spec limits and assist with process control to maintain product with specs.
2. Steel Mill – USA MA-500HDi – It is used to control the moisture of sinter fed to blast furnace and has a bed depth approx. 150 mm.
3. Alumina Refinery – QLD, Australia MA-500HD – It monitors, filter performance, feed-forward control of calciner and installed on vacuum pan filter discharge line prior to calciner 2 and has a bed depth 800tph.
4. Port – Australia MA-500HD – It is used to monitor moisture different types of iron ores from trains and has a bed depth up to 250mm. it installed on conveyor after trainload out bins. Ore lump and fines, 9 ore types from 5 locations, use presser calibrations for each ore type.

There are many other types of equipment provided by RTI, which helps in the mining process. The focus of RTI is to increased addition of modern technology in the extraction and processing phases of metal production, with particular prominence on developing advances in materials, sensors, and controls, examining, and automated mining systems.